NODRIZA tech are a group of companies at the forefront of technology, sustainability and human and environmental commitment. We have experienced a gradual and sustained growth that is allowing us to increase our focus of business and influence.

This evolution is driven by the human team: we are passionate people with an intense sense of professionalism. Each employee and client are the reason to take care of each action.

Currently, we are formed by Arelux Top Chemicals, TodoCESPED, ONiUp, ONiAd, Doctor Property and we have generated the concept and facilities of the NODRIZA tech business alliance. We are in a moment of business expansion and diversification.


Parent company of NODRIZA tech. It creates ecological products that contribute to the energy savings of homes and businesses: insulation, waterproofing, thermal paints and floor paints.
It is dedicated to the sale and installation of artificial turf and garden decoration accessories. Its technologies applied to the development of artificial turf have allowed to create 7 different models for diverse needs.
The marketing department of NODRIZA tech opened its service and created this digital marketing and advertising agency specialized in programmatic. The team implements campaigns, monitors them and reports to the client.
Technological company that offers the best tools to place online advertisements on the best websites in several countries. Its objective is to democratize advertising and extend it to all types of companies.
The only real estate online agency that allows you to sell your home at no cost. A personal manager advises you throughout the process: they publish ads in the best portals, filter contacts and take care of visits, in addition to doing all the legal procedures.
Alliance of trailblazer companies. Technology and communication are the basis that unites all allied companies. With a collaborative work climate we show that another way of doing things is possible.