Arelux Top Chemicals

Parent company of NODRIZA tech. It creates ecological products that contribute to the energy savings of homes and businesses: insulation, waterproofing, thermal paints and floor paints, among other solutions.

Arelux® was born in 2007 as the mother company of what would later become NODRIZA tech. At Arelux® we put all our effort into bringing environmentally friendly products to the market that contribute to energy savings in homes and businesses.

Our logistics and commercial center is located in Zaragoza. We have 3,000m2 of warehouse and offices that allow us to manage and serve orders with maximum efficiency and offer personalized attention to our clients whatever their need.

In addition, our company is certified in Quality (ISO 9001) and the Environment (ISO 14001) as a demonstration of our professional commitment and for the greater tranquility of our clients, both professionals and individuals.