The people-centered Venture

In NODRIZA tech we have big goals; that’s why we do things differently.

We are the first Aragonese venture : we use our knowledge and resources to help build projects with talented people. Unlike a business incubator, NODRIZA tech does not just advise during the creation of the company but we continue working  together: we can always grow more.

We achieve our goals thanks to a technology base common to all our projects: for that reason we define ourselves as technological corporate. We use cutting-edge solutions to provide added value and democratize access to the best products on the market.


Innovation is behind everything we do. To improve things you have to think differently; at NODRIZA tech we are creative and, above all, daring.


People are at the center of NODRIZA tech: the most recommended companies by customers, but also the company where everyone wants to work.


We want to change the world and we do it with much more than our products. Our CSR works several areas to improve the world and society.


We analyze each process to continuously improve our companies. Only in this way can we guarantee the highest quality in each product and service.

Who forms NODRIZA tech?

NODRIZA tech is formed by an ever increasing number of companies: we are so restless that every year we launch new projects.



Unique facilities for leading companies

In order to create value you have to work in the best conditions. Our facilities offer a unique environment, so that our team enjoys working.

In addition, our building has been the first Passivhaus rehabilitated offices in Spain. Shall we take care of the planet!



Satisfied customers