Headquarters: Our team deserves the best office & workspace

Why do we invest in having the best offices?

It has been proven: a healthy office increases productivity and team satisfaction by 49%, according to a study by the CBRE consulting firm.

In this post you have the opportunity to find out how we do work in NODRIZA tech:

instalaciones nodriza tech

Sustainability: first passivhaus rehabilitation offices in Spain

instalaciones sostenibles nodriza tech
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oficinas passivhaus nodriza

Our offices are the first in Spain to be refurbished according to the passivhaus construction standard. That means that they are provided with great thermal isolation and a ventilation system which lead us to achieve energy efficiency in our workspace. Moreover, with the COVID, working in NODRIZA tech is safer than working outdoors: our ventilation system cleans and purifies the air constantly.


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How about a coffee? Discover our cafeteria, here the best ideas come to life

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cafeteria nodriza tech
cafeteria nodriza tech

Chillout rooftop

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Meeting rooms: the origin of our projects

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Recording studio


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estudio grabacion nodriza tech

Out top spaces in NODRIZA tech

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And for the visitors…

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Why have we invested in our offices?

Our main goal is having a united, committed and motivated team.

That is why we specifically measure whether the investment done in order to improve our facilities is valued and satisfies our team. We have a specific section to measure this in our half-yearly internal satisfaction surveys based on the EFQM Excellence methodology. Our team values satisfaction with our facilities and working conditions above 8.5. And that’s not all! Have a look:

  • Having open spaces and rest areas increases communication and teamwork. Our team values internal communication with an 8.7 out of 10.
  • It improves the work environment: we obtained a 9.3 out of 10 in the surveys carried out.
  • Having luminous spaces increases the production of serotonin (the happiness hormone), that is why we have so much natural light in NODRIZA tech.
  • Better ventilation increases the productivity of the workplace by 5% and, an inadequate temperature could reduce it by 4% to 6% causing fatigue and difficulty to concentrate. Thanks to the passivhaus system we achieve an efficient temperature and unbeatable ventilation.
  • According to the School of Psychology of the University of Queensland, office spaces with plants increase worker productivity by more than 15%.
  • As stated in HRTrends, “According to a recent study by Harvard University, when we work in a green office with green certification, we achieve a 26% increase in our cognitive abilities and 30% less sick leave.
  • “Investing 1 euro in an excellent work environment has a return of 49%,” according to the study by the consulting firm CBRE.


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