NODRIZA tech companies have a health department. A chiromassageist works on the team to relieve the physical tensions of people in the organization and each of them is entitled to one hour of weekly massage.


During the year we program different activities to foster team feelings and the good relationship between people. Christmas parties, team meals…


In 2017, NODRIZA tech celebrated its 10th anniversary. Pablo and Jorge Sanagustín, directors of the Group, organized a trip for all the workers to Ibiza. The objective was to strengthen ties between people and take energy to continue adding years.


In order to pay attention to the personal well-being of employees, disconnection and support activities are organized. For example, mindfulness courses to learn to focus and relax the mind and personalized advice on human resources to enhance each individual profile.


We have designed exclusive spaces in our facilities. We like that our team is comfortable and gives 100% and for this we have the best friendly spaces! Thanks to Castilla Office Installation for making it possible. See how!