Join our Investors Club in startups and companies. Enjoy the community we have created:
  • Training. Signing up does not commit you to investing. You will learn how to do it with our experts.
  • Opportunities Find out when we open funding rounds and decide whether you want to invest or not.
  • Benefits. Get a return on your investments and profitability.
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What are the benefits of joining our Investor Club?

Expert community

We are entrepreneurs and investors. We know the sector and we share our experience with you.

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Profitable investments

You decide when, how much and where to invest, we advise you. Make the best investment decisions.

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Successful projects

Invierte en empresas tecnológicas de multitud de sectores. Hemos lanzado más de 20 empresas desde 2007.

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Do you have any questions?
Here we answer the Club’s most frequently asked questions.

How does the NODRIZA tech Investor Club work?

1. Training programme

Do you think that if you don’t know anything about startup investing you can’t be part of the Club? Not at all.
Our aim is to train you in this field and to provide you with first-hand advice from experienced investors until you too become an investment cracker.
Training is the main pillar of our Club, we share with you our knowledge, the keys to investing in startups and the conclusions we have drawn in the sector after years of successes, successes and failures, continuous learning! We organise visits, specific training and dynamics at NODRIZA tech.

2. Investment opportunities in startups and companies

What kind of investments can you access if you join our Club?
  • Investment rounds linked to capital increase capital increase of some of our well-established projects. Take a look at them here.
  • Investment rounds for new projects that we bring to market.
And how much should you invest? The ticket ranges from €500 to €2,000. Within that range, invest the amount you choose.

3. Exclusive member benefits

Why should you join? Discover some of the benefits you’ll get as a member of our Investment Club:
  • Access to the training programme on startup investment.
  • Visits, dynamics and special activities at NODRIZA tech.
  • Ability to meet with project CEOS for specific queries.
  • Priority access to investment opportunities for NODRIZA tech projects.
  • Discount of 10% on Club investment opportunities.

Join our Investment Club

Joining does not commit you to invest:

  • Receive unique training from expert investors
  • You choose how, when, where and how much to invest
  • Come to visits, activities and special events
  • Meet the CEOS of the projects
  • Gain priority access to investment opportunities
  • Take advantage of your 10% discount on the club’s investment opportunities.

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Frequently asked questions: investing in companies with the NODRIZA tech Investment Club

Solve all your questions about our Investment Club here:

Anyone over the age of 18 can become a member. You don’t need anything to join except to be of legal age.

Fill in the investment form on this page and you’re done! It’s as easy as that.

Yes, it is completely free to join our Investor Community. We want to add value and share our experience to promote a transparent and sustainable economy.

You can invest anything from €500 to €2,000.

No, you can sign up to learn with us. Training in startup and venture investing is our cornerstone.

No. You decide when and where to choose.

Of course. We present you the options and let you know about the rounds. You decide which projects you want to invest in.

With the programme we present. Get educated and learn how to make good investment decisions from our experts. We guide you according to your needs and present you with a preview of all investment opportunities. You can decide which ones you want to bet on, and to start investing, all you need is a €500 ticket.

  • Investment rounds linked to capital increases of some of our already consolidated projects.
  • Investment rounds for new projects that we bring to market.
According to a Dealroom report “Investment in startups in Spain will multiply by 4 until June 2021 and reach a record of 1,900 million” and “The innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem in Spain has multiplied by five since 2015, to 46,000 million”. It is a sector that is booming and, from NODRIZA tech, we put it at your disposal so that you can access it without barriers to entry, easily and with all the information: we are 100% transparent.